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Kindness is an essential part of God's work and ours here on Earth.

~ Billy Graham

Our Story

We love visiting fairs - County Fairs, our State Fair, area festivals, art fairs - all of them!  Most every weekend throughout our Minnesota summers we are at at least one of those events.

With years of practice our skill level has improved at the whiffle ball/plastic cup game.  Rare is the time we don't leave without a handful of stuffed animals, as you see in the photo. Because our own kids are grown, and we've  been banned from giving our grandkids anymore stuffed animals, we decided we'd start blessing families of young children at these fairs.

We try to match up the stuffed animals we win with the right kids, by gender and age.  We are sensitive to having enough for all the kids of a family so we don't create strife between the kids. Our goal is to share kindness, create a smile, and maybe make the day of a child and family.

We have given away hundreds and hundreds of stuffed animal prizes.   The number of smiles these prize giveaways has created has been both a blessing to these families and to us.   Every time we create a smile we walk away saying to each other "mission accomplished".

Dig a Little Deeper


Who are we?  Why do we do what we do?
What is our ultimate mission?  We love putting smiles on the faces of kids and their families.  But ultimately there's a larger personal goal to what we do.  Click to learn more.

Say Yes!

In the hundreds of interactions we've had with parents there's only been one who told us "no".  That means hundreds said "yes".  Those yeses are awesome, but there's a larger "yes" that means so much more.  See why that is.

Minnesota County Fairs

We've been to about 35 MN County Fairs with a mission of visiting all of them.  See what we think about some of them.  Some are huge, some are small, most are awesome in their own ways.

Did you know?

We first started going to county fairs for the goats.  No kidding.  Michelle is a "goat whisperer" and needs a good goat "fix" every summer weekend.  Weirdly, as much as she loves goats they love her back.  

Tell us your story of kindness!

Be Kind.  Be examples to others.   Help us make the day of other children and families.  If you have a story to share let us know and we can share it here.

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